The Cost of a UCI Education

Let's break down the numbers, deadlines, and requirements behind the cost of a university education at UCI.

We're all in this together

You’re here because you understand the value of a UCI education, and you’re willing to invest in your future. Well, we’re here for the same reason. And we know that getting you to that amazing future of yours starts with figuring out what it costs and how you can pay for it. We think that process should be a partnership. Simple, not stressful. Helpful, not confusing. So we’ve made it easy to get from here to the information that lines up with where you are in your academic journey. So you can find your way to the numbers, the tools, and the opportunities that apply to you. So go ahead, explore. And keep in mind that we’re here if you have any questions. Because this is a partnership we can't wait to begin.


  • #1 Best Value Among Public Universities
  • 72% Receive Grants and Scholarships
  • 57% Pay No Tuition

What are the real costs?

There are the numbers on the page, then there's the real cost of college. The good news is, UCI offers some of the most generous aid programs. So, that number on the page? Let's try to make it disappear.

Undergraduate Student Costs

Discover the kinds of aid that are available and how you can apply. To help you budget your expenses, we’ve estimated the costs of going to school for an undergraduate student, whether you're new or continuing your studies.


Explore Undergraduate Costs

Graduate Student Costs

Whether you're a new or continuing graduate student, you have questions about financial aid. We have the answers. Along with a range of resources to help you pay for your UCI education. 

Explore Graduate Costs

Ready to Apply?

As you follow the links to the resources and cost breakdowns that apply to you, remember that we’re here to answer any questions that come up along the way.